‘A Way of Life’

The city of Malibu is located in western Los Angeles County and is 27 miles of beautiful coastline, rugged mountains, wooded canyons, and sheltered coves. Malibu has a genuine country charm to it and provides a wonderful environment for families.

Malibu's first residents were the Chumash Indians. Being part Native American Indian myself, maybe this is why I connect so much to this city. The Chumash Indians named the stretch of beach at the mouth of Malibu Creek "Humaliwo," or "the surf sounds loudly."

Malibu is full of great restaurants, shopping, and parks, wineries and some popular museums, such as the Getty Villa, which happens to be walking distance from where I live. Malibu is home to many celebrities and sightings are very common in all places around town.

Most of all, Malibu is our way of life and hopefully I can share in both the pleasures the city has to offer and the recipes I create through my everyday life in this beach community.


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