Friday, October 21, 2011

light chicken salad sandwich

A few years ago, while on a family trip in Hawaii, we charted a boat so that we could snorkel with dolphins. For lunch, the crew served us chicken salad sandwiches that we all loved.

I was successful in recreating those sandwiches. I now make them whenever we spend the day out on our boat. They are delicious, fresh and light. The walnuts add sweetness and an extra crunch to the sandwiches. I like that these sandwiches are healthy, light in calories and very filling.

These sandwiches are easy to make and can be ahead of time and packed for a picnic, or for any type of lunch away from home.

Photo of Malibu rainbow

No, this isn't Hawaii...this is Malibu! This rainbow was a double rainbow in full arc. We were out walking our dogs and witnessed the end of the rainbow. I ran home to capture a picture before it disappeared. Seeing a rainbow like this reminds me of being in Hawaii and so does this sandwich.

light chicken salad sandwich

Makes 4 sandwiches


12.5 oz can white chunk chicken breast, drained

½ cup glazed walnut pieces

½ cup grapes, cut into quarters

½ cup light mayonnaise

Alfalfa sprouts

Honey Wheat Berry Bread, 8 slices

In a medium bowl, add chicken, walnuts and grapes.
Mix in mayonnaise until thoroughly blended. Chicken will no longer be in chunks.
Lay 4 slices of bread down and top with chicken salad and cover with alfalfa sprouts.
Top with remaining 4 slices of bread.

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